運気の上がる旅をしよう!-参拝メンテナンスの勧め- 伊勢神宮 :JOURNEY THROUGH JAPAN “Make a trip to increase your luck! Ise Jingu” 2018-01

2014年に初めて行ってから、伊勢神宮への遠征の楽しさに気がついてしまって、それ以来 3回目の伊勢神宮参拝。いろんなwebサイトに出ている情報も間違っていることがあるようで、やっと現地のお店の方とも仲良く話して、少しずつ情報をgetしている2018年。この土地の長い歴史から見ると私は超初心者、なので行くたびに発見ばかり。


-Recommending maintenance through worship-

Since going for the first time in 2014, I realized the joy of traveling to Ise Shrine(Ise Jingu), and have been to worship at Ise Shrine three times ever since. Today, I would like to tell you why I choose to visit Ise Shrine from Tokyo to worship.




“Taking a break with a friend while getting in touch with the nature at Ise Shrine.”

Apart from my New Year’s shrine visit, I also plan a trip with a friend.
I make a trip into a land where time flows slowly, which is a contrast to my daily life in the world of “Tokyo.” When I go to Ise, I enjoy the sensation of feeling the magnificent large trees that have lasted long on the land, on my skin through the air. The light is especially beautiful, and the sunsets are always divine.
Although nonreligious, I strongly empathize with the concept of “Finding god in nature” in the Japanese religion “Shinto,” and I find myself planning more trips there so I can calm my feelings.

Of course, going on a girls' trip is great fun, and is an important element for a refreshing trip.





“Self-maintenance through worship”

The important thing is that through worship, you can organize things from the past year as well as ambitions for this year.
In the modern society that is full of information, you may have many things going through your mind, such as aspirations and desires, but nothing goes well or lasts if it does not fit with you.
You need to understand your traits, including good and bad things, and know how to properly apply yourself.
For example, if you were a car, how would you drive it?
If you don’t know the car’s abilities, you won’t be able to drive well, and I believe it is important to know how to do your maintenance to improve your condition.

And among my self-maintenance is “Worship at Ise.”
If you come to Japan, I would love for you to experience taking a deep breath at Ise Jingu!
Ise Jingu English page → https://www.isejingu.or.jp/en/

私が持って行ったのは INUIKII の靴、極暖ヒートテックにホッカイロ。
この靴は本当に暖かいスイスメイドの靴。足の冷え性とおさらばできたのでPRではなくオススメしてみたい。イエティ足になれるよ 😉

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